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Our Story ...

My maternal grandmother was the matriarch of a Hainanese Bakery Nam Tong Lee 南同利. The Bakery located at 13 Purvis Street was always packed with customers, mostly Hainanese especially so in the days leading up to the Mid-Autumn Festival. 
Most Hainanese who settled in Singapore, housed themselves around Middle Road, Purvis Street and Seah Street forming a little Hainanese enclave in the city. Purvis Street was known also as HAINAN 2nd street. 
As children, the back alleys and five-foot ways of Purvis Street was the playground for my sisters and me. My mother would be sitting with my grandmother, playing 

Our company started in 2013. Before then, we had a small home-based business selling our flaky biscuits made with Chong Suan's grandma's recipe to family and friends.

Today, we have opened up our own physical store and is selling our Hainanese delicacies to customers not only in Singapore but also to other countries in Asia.
Origin of the name
"Chuan" comes from Chong Suan's Chinese name ”“. This Chinese character represents water which Chong Suan lacks according to Chinese divination. It is also a auspicious word that means smooth-sailing as we hope that things would go smoothly.

means remember in chinese. This is because we would like people to enjoy and remember this traditional biscuit.

+65 9835 3779

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114 Lavender Street
CT Hub 2 #01-10
Singapore 338729
Our Mission
Our mission: to keep the legacy of Hainanese Flaky Biscuit which is so steeped in tradition alive and impart the skills and recipe to the next generation
Our Story
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